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Financial Contribution Process

Invest in your education and future!

The Deloitte Financial Contribution fund supports.

the best students in the world in the pursuit of their

dream of qualifying as Chartered Accountants.

How does the Financial Contribution (FC) process work?

Step 1: Go to www.joindeloitte.co.za  and click on apply.

Step 2: Complete the online application for a Training Contract.

Step 3: Once you’ve passed the first round of the online application successfully, you will be able to click on the Financial Contribution tab to apply for a Financial Contribution. Please follow the steps as set out in the Financial Contribution tab.

Step 4: Once you’ve completed your FC application, remember to schedule yourself to attend an Assessment Centre at one of our Deloitte offices and upload the required documentation.

Step 5: Your FC application will only be considered if you are successful in obtaining a Training Contract after attendance of the Assessment Centre. The FC consideration process takes place on a monthly basis.

Step 6: Deloitte will contact you with regards to the outcome of your Financial Contribution.

Useful information:

• The financial contribution process is open to all South African as well as Namibian citizens.

• You need to be studying a CA-stream course at a selected university. If you are at school and plan to study a CA-stream course, you are also welcome to apply.

• Applications are open throughout the year.